Thanks Google Thought Police. YouTube Took This Video Down from Our Channel.

The Google Thought Police who run YouTube launched all-out war on  conservatives, including anyone who questions the use of little kiddie human shields, like the Parkland High School students being used by cynical adults to promote the Left’s anti-2nd Amendment agenda.

As a result of this campaign, many truth-telling channels on YouTube have been demonitized and threatened with termination for “bullying and harassement.” So, if you appreciate what we do here, on live edition The Teri O’Brien Show, Sundays, 5-7 pm Eastern, and on The Teri O’Brien Show YouTube channel, please consider supporting the show by starting your shopping here, and/or making a monthly gift, or a one-time contribution by clicking on either the “Subscribe” or “Donate” button in the right side bar of this page. I think you from the bottom of my well-conditioned heart.

On Friday, March 2, I learned that this video had been taken down by YouTube, and we received a strike against our channel. Three of those and our channel is gone. Please watch the video and let me know your thoughts. Do you think that this video constitutes “bullying and harassment?”

Dishonest Lying Media Recruits Children in War on 2nd Amendment from Teri O’Brien on Vimeo.

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