Zimmerman Ain’t No Hero, But…

…the prosecution is distinguishing itself as a cabal of demagogues and scoundrels.  At this very sensitive time, while the “professional negroes” (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous) try to evoke memories of real victims of racism like Emmett Till in order to incite violence, the prosecutors should be graciously accepting the jury’s verdict and publicly saying so, again and again.  Instead, they are effectively calling for George Zimmerman to be lynched, insisting on pushing a scenario for which there is no evidence whatsoever: that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin as the pugilistic prodigy, the one punch wizard was backing away from the guy who he’d just beaten the crap out of.

But, if the lack of evidence for this contention were the only issue, we could dismiss the prosecutors as sore losers and incompetent government hacks.  But there’s a much bigger issue to be addressed, and it’s this:  the prosecution called witnesses to testify that Trayvon Martin was on the bottom; they called witnesses to testify that it was Trayvon Martin’s voice heard yelling for help.  As the trial progressed (and they realized their case was a loser) and during their closing argument, they switched gears to the “Trayvon was on top but backing off” scenario.

This can mean only one thing for Bernie del Rionda and his motley crew of legal misfits: THEY CALLED WITNESSES TO THE STAND WHO THEY KNEW WERE GIVING FALSE TESTIMONY!  How else can you interpret it?  The prosecution was willing to base its original case on a version of events they themselves did not (and still do not) believe.  When their own witness (the guy who made the 911 call; yes, he was a prosecution witness) torpedoed their fiction, they conjured up a new version of the “facts”, a version they are vigorously pushing today.

I’m no lawyer, but I think this calls for further scrutiny.  They can’t believe both of the scenarios they presented.  That means they knew beyond a doubt that they were presenting one fraudulent case. I believe they acted illegally and should face their own day of legal reckoning.  And the more del Rionda, Guy and company shoot off their self-righteous mouths, the deeper the hole they could be digging themselves.  Eric Holder, are you listening?


  1. Maybe it is a bad time to allow white-hispanics amnesty. We should only give amnesty to black-hispanics.

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