Zimmerman Verdict Gives Opportunity for Usual Suspects to Display True Colors-Today on The Teri O’Brien Show-7-14-13

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Zimmerman in Crosshairs

In addition to restoring faith in our justice system, George Zimmerman’s acquittal provided an opportunity for everyone to show us who they really are; specifically,

  • Race hustlers, hypocrites who are outraged and horrified when a black “child” is killed by a “white Hispanic,” but are perfectly comfortable with the hundreds of black teenagers shot dead on a regular basis in Barack Obama’s Chicago;
  • Moronic celebutards who took to the favorite communication tool of Beliebers, Twitter, to demonstrate their jaw-dropping ignorance;
  • Lame Stream Media Liberal “Journalists,” who lamented the absence of blacks on the Zimmerman jury, even though a jury of the defendant’s peers would have consisted of those exotic “white Hispanics;”
  • Outright Idiots who probably can’t read or write cursive, and whose knowledge base begins and ends with the latest pop culture “star,” enjoying his or her 15 minutes of fame.

The actual takeaway of this criminal case, which held the nation spellbound, was spoken clearly by Aristotle back around 300 B.C. “The law is reason free from passion,” which is another way of saying that no good results when the equivalent of a lynch mob, fueled by race baiters like Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and even sadly, Barack Obama, who also showed us again who he is, a narcissistic embarrassment, an self-absorbed empty suit who conned his way into office by surfing a wave of white guilt and media deification, demands that an innocent man be charged with murder for the crime of self-defense.

Andrew Branca did amazing, wall to wall coverage of the Zimmerman trial over at Legal Insurrection, and he’ll be our guest today to give us his reaction to the verdict, and also share some thoughts about the message that law-abiding citizens should take from this case. He has written the book on that, The Law of Self-Defense.

We’ll also hear from Taleeb Starkes, who very provocatively predicted in this post, “Creepy A** Crackers” Should Prepare for Negro-geddon, that we would see riots if Mr. Zimmerman were not sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Was he wrong about that, or are we just waiting for other shoe to drop?

Titans of the race industry like the NAACP’s Ben Jealous and the ever-present Al Sharpton say that this verdict does not mean that this issue is over. I agree, but not necessarily for the reasons they state. Why, even as the media goes wall-to-wall on post-verdict coverage, is almost no one reporting on the firing of a whistleblower who reported serious misconduct on the part of the prosecution? Did Angela Corey, appointed by Gov. Rick Scott, to appease the mob withhold exculpatory evidence from the Zimmerman defense?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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